About us


About The company

Eksaat Company for general trading and contracting was established in "2005" on the latest and highest levels, beginning with preparation an integrated work team in all engineering disciplines with Kuwaiti management.
The company carries out all architectural and interior design works, execution of reinforced concrete works (the black structure) and special studies with interior and exterior finishes and their implementation for all types of buildings, including investment buildings, private villas and offices shops, exhibitions, etc., starting from preparing the latest architectural and interior plans and designs engineering programs, and then making the executive plans necessary for the implementation process, at the hands of a technical staff consisting of qualified engineers with a high degree of experience and competence.

What we do

     ·        Concrete structural works for private and investment facilities.
·        All interior finishing works according to required specifications, with high accuracy and quality.
·        External cladding works such as sigma, stone, mosaic and marble.
·        External works such as sidewalks, interlocking, tilling and landscaping.